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About Tom

Tom has always wanted to be an inventor. The prospect of having his own products on the shelves really excited him. As a kid Tom was regularly taking things apart to find out how they worked and making things with his Granddad and Mum.

Tom credits his dyslexic mind as the source of his creative thinking, innovative thought process and drive. He struggled with English and languages at school, but luckily his first school recognised his dyslexia early and provided extra lessons.

"I remember a new English teacher brought in a class rule that any spelling mistake found in an essay had to be written out correctly 20 times. In my first essay I made over 100 mistakes, which made for a lot of extra home work."

Tom learnt early that hard work and concentration were vital to fulfilling his potential and although he may not admit it, he probably worked harder than most of his peers.

"Computers with spell check were a life-saver for me. I still remember using the family's first computer, an Amstrad 1512."

Tom was fortunate to attend some excellent schools. He achieved a 1st Class Honours degree with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with Innovation and Design. Tom takes a very practical and hands-on approach to inventing and his first invention was made in the oven of his flat. Most of his ideas start with a glue-gun and craft knife. Tom loves solving problems, looking at things in a different way and discovering new inventions.

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